Chapter 160

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I stared at the blank screen and blinking cursor, as though in a trance for over five hours. I hadn’t noticed that time had passed so quickly, nor that the sun and gone to bed and the stars were shining in its stead. What could I possibly write? Every thought had already been published or made into a movie. Was there any point to any of this?

Finally standing to stretch my legs, I walked over to the kitchen and opened the cupboards aimlessly, knowing full well that there was naught in any. On my bench was a hardened loaf of bread that could be used in place of a mallet and a jar of jam that had been opened but never used. Rosehip. My favourite.

Sighing a big sigh, I found an old tray and sat the bread in it, then walked over to the tap. Sprinkling (ok, drenching) the loaf with water and placing it the oven, hoping it would soften and become edible.

I needed to broaden my circle of friends and get out more but how?

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