Chapter 149

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I looked at the collection of new techie items and smiled. This used to be my favourite time, sitting on my bed and admiring my shopping. These days the shopping gadgets weren’t for my pleasure, rather they were for my safety. Not that I had forsaken that aspect of my life entirely. It was unfortunate that the policeman and I couldn’t make it work but in a relationship where there was no trust it was hard to move forward.

My friend Claire had asked me to go and join her for the evening of hedonistic and carnal pleasure. Deciding that I had not treated myself to any such fun in a long while, I organised to meet with her. The strength the new found independence has given me is indescribable. I feel invincible! Noone is going to mess with me. Not anymore. Never again!

Claire was one of the few people that I trusted completely. She didn’t care what I did or how I did it. Never judged me. When I am with her, her complete attention is on me. She has no distractions, no television, radio, no phone or computer.. everything is turned off and she dedicates her exclusive and undivided attention wholly on me. This isn’t something she does exclusively for me. No, she is this way with every single person in her life. She was intense and possessed a uniqueness all her own. The only thing common with her is her name, which she longs to change one day.

“I want to be called Nainaali. It sounds exotic. So much more interesting than Claire, don’t you think? Or perhaps something unique? What if I named myself after a location? Where is a nice place that sounds nice too? Or maybe after a flower?”

I always laugh and tell her she is perfect just as she is. That the person we all love is Claire and her changing her name wouldn’t change how we felt about her.

Being a perfectionist, she took to cooking with zest. Now her delicate cuisines could rival any of main world-renowned chef's.

As I entered her over-crowded apartment, the smell of food drifted and greeted me more passionately than any kiss. My mouth watered in anticipation.

"I'm in here!" she yelled from the bathroom. 

I walked over and saw her in the spa, bubbles hiding her naked form as she sipped on a glass of champagne. She pulled the strawberry out of the glass and sucked the juices off before placing it back in the bubbly drink.

"Join me," she purred as her eyes drank in my movements. 

Slipping out of the dress easily, I stood there in her bathroom completely naked and comfortable. It was like being home.

"I love your body. Come, let me touch it," she beckoned to me, her soapy hand wrapping itself around my wrist and pulling me gently to her.

I bent down as kissed her forehead, her nose and quickly pecked her lips. Her laughter trickled around the room as she stood up and licked my face, before plonking back into the warm, sudsy water.

Laughing in response, I asked, "What am I to do with you?"

Curling her arm about my waist and pulling me into the spa with her she breathed, "I can think of many, many things. Most more enjoyable than talking."

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