Chapter 168

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Sharline’s eyelids fluttered open as she realised that she was moving. The sheet was pulled up over her head and she couldn’t see what was going on. She was afraid and helpless. If only she could move the sheet so that she could see what was going on.

Nancy had decided that she could no longer tolerate the girl’s presence and so had taken matters into her own hands. No one would look for her in the morgue. She wouldn’t be missed by anyone except perhaps her mother. Why was her mother helping her competition? Michael was hers and yet she was intent on destroying her happiness.

Realising that she couldn’t murder her, as too many people would suspect her, Nancy decided chucking her into a freezer would help speed up the process. She could even leave her in her frozen tomb. However, when Nancy wheeled the bed down to the morgue, it was not empty but rather alive and kicking. People were swarming the place like it was the latest hang out. What was she to do now?

“ND (Newly Dead)?” asked a voice behind her.

Nancy turned slowly and stared at the doctor, shaking her head, “No. I was a bit dazed and pressed the wrong button. Unfortunately, I have to go to a completely different floor and I am so tired, I ended up here. Doesn’t bode well for me, does it?”

The young doctor laughed and said, “Time for bed! We always have spare beds down here if you need to get away.”

She laughed in response and said coyly, “Seems as though everyone has realised that fact. Doesn’t make me feel very special.”

With that she wheeled the bed around and pressed the elevator button.

Sharline listened to the commotion around her and to the strange conversation that had taken place. She was going to dispose of her. If there was ever a time that she needed her body to obey, it was now, before it was too late.

Nancy took the bed to a floor with a balcony and pulled back the sheets, peering down into her face.

“Can you fly?”

Sharline’s heart quickened. It appeared that Nancy was going to throw her off the building and she was helpless. Would they think she committed suicide?

“Hmmmm,” sighed Nancy, “Perhaps I should just throw you down and say that you were so distraught when you came to that you took your own life?”

The cold air made her stomach contract in fear. Sharline’s eyes widened in horror, as Nancy lifted her slowly off the bed and dragged her to the edge.

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