Chapter 156

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Frank was despondent. Things were not going right at all. He needed to sit and recollect his thoughts and find a plan moving forward. Moving forward... He had heard some guy repeat that phrase over and over, thinking, why state the obvious? We can’t go back in time!

He would give himself two more weeks to finalise matters and find Sharline. If he can’t find her by then, he would just have to move on.

Plenty of fish in the sea.

His other matters needed urgent attention. James and Arianrhod had created a real mess. The guy Paul they had hired to kill him had confessed. Luckily the guy was a weasel and would sell out to the highest bidder. They had hired him to get rid of their other problem too, only that had backfired. Paul had once more advised him of their plans. Why did he hire them if they were passing the matters on to others? How many more people were aware of the plan?

He shook his head.

They would all have to go.

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