Chapter 141

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The warm water caressed her, easing the tension that had built up over the past few weeks. He had told her to shower and nap and that was what she planned to do.

Running the cloth over her swollen belly, she cooed, "Hey little person, daddy is on his way. You will get to speak with him soon. He loves you very much. Your mummy and daddy love each other and you very much. We are going to be a family. A small, happy family. We are moving far away from nasty step-mum and starting our lives from scratch. Fresh. Should mummy get a new name too? Daddy said we should think of new identities to start our new lives together with no attachments to the past. I was thinking of something exotic. Laylahni. Or perhaps something inconspicuous? Anna or Maria? Hmmm... we have to think of a name for you too!"

Sandra adjusted herself in the tub, moving carefully in case she did something to cause the pain to return.

Ignorantly she hummed to herself, as someone let themselves into her apartment.

They stepped around the packed bags silently, lips twitching in humour. Realising that the light was on in the bathroom as the door was slightly ajar, they walked quietly, so as not to alert her.

Sandra sat rigidly in the bath, her ears strained.

Did she hear something?

Was someone there?

Reaching for the towel, the bathroom door opened and caught her in surprise, causing her to slip and fall. Luckily, hands reached out and caught her, inches from the ground.

She wrapped her hands tightly around him as she cried into his shoulder; relief mingled with fear and panic.

He had finally arrived.

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