Chapter 204

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Sharline lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, alone. The matronly nurse had left her and she was in a new ward so the younger nurses were no longer her frequent visitors. Even Nancy had left her alone since she had tried to throw her off the balcony. She tried moving her limbs and found the same pain shooting through her body, only now it was a regular pain and she relished it. Did that make her a sadist?

She heard a great deal of commotion as nurses and doctors ran past her room. Apparently a bus had overturned and there were multiple casualties, so everyone was rushing to help. Her lips twitched and she realised that movement had returned to them. Opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water, she smiled. Oh to be able to smile again! It ached to move and pain was now intense but it was worth it. She would be ok.

Bodies were wheeled into her room, as the doctors tried to fill every available bed with the survivors of the crash. No one paid her any heed as they entered and exited her room. A woman wailed, begging the doctors to save her son and Sharline felt the hairs on her body stand on end. A man coughed and the nurse that spoke to him advised him he would be ok. More people were rushed past her room and the two in her room panicked. The woman continued to weep for her son and the man continued to sob that he was going to die.

“Just put him in here with the bus survivors.”

Sharline could hear them wheeling in another person, as the nurses moved the beds around to fit the extra man.

“Heart attack. Keep an eye on him.”

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