Chapter 129

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I knelt down and scratched Amber as I wandered around my yard.

There hadn't been any strange occurrences since I started my fling with the cop but now that we had broken up, I was anxious. I had felt safe thinking that police protection was what I needed. Was I concentrating on the wrong thing?

What happened to my stalker? 

So much had been put on hold for so long. I needed to pull my finger out and focus. There were things that I needed to be doing and playing was not the way to accomplish my set tasks.


Whatever happened to her? A strange yearning made me clutch my chest in pain. I can never forgive her for hurting me so.


He was my unlikely ally in this whole crazy mess. At least one person that was willing to tell me the truth. Though I don't trust him. Should I?


A chameleon. He had more colours than a rainbow and none of them pretty. What was his agenda? Why was I his target?

How foolishly naive I have been.

It is time to be more cautious.

Time to grow up. 

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