Chapter 203

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James cried in pain as the man tried to lift him from the bed.

“Stop being such a wuss!” screeched Arianrhod, as quietly as she could.

“I have been shot, you deranged woman! Bleeding. In pain. Connected to drips and various apparatuses. What part of this do you not comprehend?”

The man stepped away from James and advised Air that he would go to the men’s whilst they worked out what they wanted to do. Arianrhod glared at both of them. Nothing was going according to plan!

“Men have survived greater wounds!” she attacked.

“Yes but then, they didn’t have a bullet wedged in some place that had them in an operating theatre for eight hours!” he yelled back.

Finally the commotion brought in a nurse and two police officers to his room.

“Who might you be?” demanded a younger policeman.

“His ex-fiancé! Can I call myself that, considering you didn’t propose but ended up in a strip club?” she spat at James.

“You are so fucked up! I can’t believe I nearly asked you to marry me! This, dear officer, is why I ended up on the other side of town in a strip club. This! I cannot deal with her emotional outbursts anymore!”

“Why you..” Arianrhod round on him, eyes blazing.

The policeman stepped in and pulled her away from the bed, as a nurse went over to check his tubes were still connected.

“Why don’t you two kids settle down? Miss, take a seat and let’s hear what happened,” an elderly policeman came and sat her down on a vacant chair by the door.

“I came by to see my boyfriend, ex-boyfriend I should say. I was advised that he had been shot and he just informed me where. I cannot believe that he could do such a thing to me!”

“What? Get shot? I did that on purpose did I? You break up with me so I go to a strip club to get shot? Not to get laid? Not to enjoy some piece of arse that isn’t a harpy? Not simply to get away from you and drown my sorrows? You are vampire, sucking me dry of life!”

“Argh! There is no point in talking to you!”

The policeman watched the exchange and smiled. He recalled many a disagreement with his past girlfriends. It was obvious to him that these two loved each other. His wife, God rest her soul, used to bicker with him regularly. Oh, how he missed her.

“Ok, let’s not get into an argument and both say things you don’t mean to simply hurt the other, cos you’re hurtin’,” he said. “Why don’t you both take a few deep breaths and drink a glass of water? Miss, join me for a coffee in the canteen?”

Arianrhod nodded glumly. She was furious! After all that she had done to break him out of this prison, that ungrateful son of a bitch made her sound like a raving shrew! One thing she realised, that angered her most – she was not as cold and calculating as she thought she could be. How can she dispose of the man she loves? Drooping her head, she silently walked beside the policeman as she came to terms with the fact that she could never be the woman her father expected her to be.

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