Chapter 208

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Sharline’s bed was closest to the door, with the other three patients in a row. Her curtains were drawn, so as not to distress the other patients and likewise no one could see her trying desperately to move. The nurse had left the monitors off, knowing full well what she was attempting and hoping that she would come back to life soon. Apparently that dizzy daughter of hers had run away with Michael, the guy Sharline had thought was Paul. This behaviour was not in line with what Paul would do, so she dismissed him from her thoughts. Paul would never tie himself to anyone like Nancy, she knew him too well. He was arrogant and demanding and even though she had tried so hard to be what he wanted her to be, he had still rejected her. Thus she had wrongly accused Paul of the whole matter. She feared that she have even imagined he had come to see her at all. Oh how horrid she felt! Where was he? What had become of him?

Someone coughed in the bed nearest to her. The man and woman were clearly distressed and the commotion was still continuing outside. Finally a doctor stuck his head in and asked, “Mrs Thompson? Jacob is fine, he just had a broken arm and that has been set. We will bring him up in a few minutes.” The woman sobbed in relief and thanked the doctor over and over.

“What about me?” asked the man.

The doctor walked in and took a look at his charts, then walked over and gave him a quick examination. “You appear to be doing well under the circumstances. Just a slight concussion. You could probably leave soon, if there is someone that can take you home and keep you under surveillance?”

The man replied that he was all alone and that he had no one. To this the doctor advised that it would be best if he stay the night in hospital. He walked over to the final bed at the end and looked at the heart attack patient’s file. He leafed through the charts and checked his pulse, advising the other patients to press the buzzer and alert staff once he wakes. They agreed and he left, without so much as a look behind the curtain at Sharline.

She wondered why no one came to verify her existence, let alone check if she was correctly identified yet? Could it be that this Michael had mis-identified her? Tears slid down her face and she turned her head. She turned her head! Movement was returning to her body and speech would soon too, she hoped.

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