Chapter 152

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Sandra traced a loving finger over his cheekbone, outlining the scratch that marred his perfect features. The poor darling had been robbed, which was why he was late. He didn’t want to worry her and their unborn baby. The horrific story of how they stopped his car, pulled him out and bashed him before taking everything, including his money and phone, left her in even greater awe of her future husband. He was amazing! She knew that he would always do everything in his power for them and it settled her considerably.

Pulling off the blood soaked shirt that was hidden beneath the jumper, she shook her head and wondered where all the blood came from, as he had fared better then the assailants surely! In their efforts to beat him up, he had apparently broken the nose of one of them and it was his blood that had stained the shirt. Tutting softly to herself, she winced as she saw a bruise that was forming on one of his ribs.

“Let’s bathe together,” he suggested and pulled her to him in a soft embrace, before placing a delicate kiss on her nose.

She nodded and rubbed her belly absent-mindedly. He grinned, transforming his face into sunshine and radiance. Seating himself on the edge of the bath, he scattered kisses all over her slightly swollen belly. Their baby was inside, growing and surrounded by love.

How she ached for him! Drawing his face to hers as she bent toward him, Sandra gave him a slow and passionate kiss, hoping he could feel the depth of her love for him in it. Grunting in response, he quickly removed the rest of their clothing and stepped in the bath before picking her up and cradling her against his chest; lowering them both into the delicious warmth of the water.

“Are you packed?”

Sandra nodded and replied, “I have been packed and waiting forever it feels. When do we leave?”

“As soon as we are clean and have eaten. I can’t wait to start our lives together; far, far, far away from here and all the bad memories.”

“Me too. Now you are all ours,” she giggled as she pointed to her belly with his soapy finger.

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