Chapter 158

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He had called a taxi and taken her packed possessions down to the waiting vehicle, loading it up with care. Gratefully he had always kept a few spare changes of clothes at her place, so after the shower he had something to put on; something other than the blood-soaked items he had come to her home in.

The taxi driver sat disinterested as he kept an eye on the rolling metre, knowing they would pay for his time either way. He wasn’t obliged to get out and help, so he sat and waited in the dark; watching intently how many items were being taken, as he charged extra per item. They were a couple and probably left their moving till the last day for nostalgic reasons like so many other fares he had driven. Once packed and seated, he turned to them and asked his stock standard question, “Where to?”

“The Heavenly Chapel. We’re eloping,” the man spoke, holding the blushing bride-to-be close to his chest.

Smiling, the taxi driver drove, realising now why so many bags. “Is the family against the union,” he asked, more to pass the time than out of curiosity.

“You have no idea,” he joked, kissing the young girl on her lips. “You may congratulate me on becoming a father and husband all at once this wonderful day!”

He laughed as now it all made even more perfect sense, obligingly saying, “Congratulations and may your lives be full of love and prosperity!”

The two love-birds kissed, as the taxi sped away into the night, taking every trace of their lives with it.

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