Chapter 193

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“Which hospital is she in?”

Paul picked at a nail before he looked up and replied, “St Thomas.”

Frank rose and looked down at Paul. The man looked a touch nervous and he couldn’t understand why. How had he found Sharline with such ease when he himself had searched without luck for so long? Something niggled at him but he couldn’t place his finger on what.

“You said she was ok?”

“She is in a vegetative state. Can’t move or talk but has a pulse.”

“And you are quite certain that it is Sharline?”

“Most definitely.”

“Well I guess I owe you some money then?”

“I guess you do.”

Frank sat down again and stared at the blasé man opposite him.


Paul raised an eyebrow and looked at Frank. He pulled out his mobile and searched for something, then silently handed the phone to Frank. Frank took the mobile and looked at the screen. Paul had taken a photo of Sharline before he had left the hospital. He took a sharp intake of breath and handed the phone to Paul.

“Do you know how she got there?”

Paul shook his head.

“How did you find her?”


“How is it when I went to that hospital and enquired they had no knowledge of her?”

“They didn’t have a name for her. Apparently, someone had identified her as Crystal.”

“So, how did you know it was her?”

“I made some enquiries of my own.”

“Care to share?”

Paul grinned and shook his head, “That would be giving away trade secrets.”

Frank stood once more and threw some money down onto the table, “For the drinks. I’ll get you your money after I verify that it is her.”

Paul lowered his head in a half nod, maintaining eye contact with Frank in salutation. As he watched him leave he realised that he had to ensure that Sharline was dead before he got there. That witch was capable of returning to the world of the living and revealing his identity and that, would just not do.

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