Chapter 173

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James had had enough of Air and her antics. He was rushing to meet the guy Daniel had suggested and didn’t have time to play games. She really knew how to push his buttons! Of course he would drive back past there once he had finished and pick her up, provided she doesn’t thumb it home. The time on the side of the road should hopefully cool her down and let her mull over her actions and how to proceed from here.

The guy had given him an address of a strip club on the other side of town. He was to meet him in the car park. James had stopped at two ATM’s and withdrawn cash as an advance. He had tried a third but it refused to let him take any more out of his account. Stupid ATM rules. All he had was $2000. Surely he could get the remainder to him once the job was completed? The guy had been explicit but how could he get that sum of money this late at night and at such short notice? He had to be reasonable.

There it was – Hello Kitty-Kat.

The whole place was a gaudy pink and he looked for a place to park. Just as his car came to a halt, a gun was pointed at his head through the window. He turned and looked at the man, winding down the window.

“I’m James. We spoke before?”

The guy was silent as he opened the door.

“I have the money. Well the down payment at least. Where can we talk?”

The guy continued to be silent. He looked shifty. James looked about as well. There was no one in the car park other than the two of them.

The first shot came out of nowhere and took him by surprise. He stared at the guy and then at his shirt. Blood seeped out of him. He was confused.

“What? What are you doing? What is going on?”

The man smiled and whispered, “No one plays with the Yorks. I guess you didn’t know when to stop?”

Fortunately for him, the front door of the strip club opened and a group of people walked out. They looked over and saw that James was hunched over. The guy looked angry and bolted away.

“Help!” yelled James, before he crumpled by his car and passed out.

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