Chapter 175

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Arianrhod was furious! How dare he?! He had left her on the side of the road! Alone! No money, no phone. ARGH! She yelled out in frustration. Not one car had passed since he dumped her so unceremoniously from his car. She would make him pay!

At least there was one positive side to all this. She was in his tracksuits. It could have been much worse had she been in her own clothing. She snorted and continued to walk in the direction from which they came. Surely someone would stop and drive her into town at least, if not to her car? She didn’t even know where she was, nor how far she would have to walk to the nearest town or city. If only she had been paying attention to where they were going instead of trying to annoy and distract him.

A faint glimmer of hope, was that a car she could hear approaching? She stopped and waited, straining to hear. Yes. Sure enough, there was a car coming. She was saved!

Arianrhod stood in the middle of the road and waved her arms about like a woman possessed. The car slowed down and stopped. She ran to the window and saw that a man was driving. Just her luck, a second car stopped behind it. It never rains...

“Could I bother you for a lift? I had an argument with my boyfriend and he left me here in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even have my phone on me or my purse. I can pay you if you take me home?”

The man looked at her dishevelled appearance. It was obvious to her that he thought that she was either crazy, homeless or telling the truth and what she wore could only be the boyfriend’s tracksuit. He motioned for her to get in and drove on.

“Where is home?” he asked.

“Not here,” she laughed.

His phone rang and he quickly answered it, “You go on ahead. I picked up a lost girl and am taking her home first. Won’t be long.”

Paul stared at the phone and angrily threw it onto the passenger’s seat. How long would he have to wait? Why did he have to collect every hitchhiker? He smiled as he realised that that was part of his charm. He was such a wonderful and caring man. No wonder he loved him.

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