Chapter 146

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Frank retraced his footsteps and stood outside a hospital that had said she may be inside, only under a different name. The girl in question couldn't say who she was. 


He walked up to the receptionist once more and asked, "Would I be able to see her? She may recognise me."

The nurse looked sadly at the man and nodded her head. It was such a pity when things like this happened. Alzheimer's was nasty on the loved ones left to watch them deteriorate.

She stepped out from behind her desk and led the way to the elevator. They both stood in apprehensive silence and feeling an overwhelming sense of pity and sadness, she grabbed his hand in support.

"Be prepared for the worst. She may not recognise you."

He would know this surely if he was related to her as he said he was, she thought silently. 

Frank nodded his head grimly and squeezed the hand gently in return. What would he do if she was sick and didn't recognise him? Would he still want to marry her? A sick feeling knotted his stomach and he realised that she would be collateral damage and he would leave her behind. His schedule didn't have room for illness and hospitalisation.

After what seemed an eternity, they stood at the door in silence.

"I will go in first and make sure she is ready to accept visitors. You wait here."

As she disappeared inside, Frank debated whether this was a good idea. Perhaps he should just leave and close that particular chapter of his life? If only he could be sure it was Sharline, that is what he would do.

"She is resting. Follow me," she beckoned to him as she led him to the bed.

Frank walked in slowly, taking in the small female form on the bed, hooked up to a myriad of machines and contraptions. 

Nearing the bed he looked at the face and breathed a sigh of relief.

"This is not her," he said thickly. 

The nurse looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Definitely not her. Thank you for your time and for being so caring."

She smiled coyly and nodded in response. He was a handsome man and enigmatic!

"Well I am sorry for her that you are not her fiance. Good luck and may you find your girl swiftly"

Pausing, she watched him turn and walk away before she added, "You are welcome to join me for a drink until you find her."

He turned around and smiled.

"I'll be sure to get that drink in the near future."

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