Chapter 172

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Paul sat nervously in the club, waiting for his lover to show up. A strip club was the best place for this type of meeting as no one would suspect them of coming in here to have an affair. A girl slid across the floor on the stage in front of him and winked, sitting up and spreading her legs wide, showing her twat. He appreciated a flexible woman. This girl knew that he had a boyfriend and only liked to look but not touch. He was a regular here and spent a great deal of money but never on her. She was determined to make him succumb to her beauty. He smiled. Women were so easy to read.

A tap on his shoulder indicated that he had arrived.

“How’s the show?” he asked in his deep, husky voice.

It took all of Paul’s strength not to turn and kiss him. His cock grew and he looked at the stage again, winking at the girl and pointing at his crotch. She smiled and thought it was because of her.

“I prefer it a whole lot more now that you are here. How is life?”

“Not too bad. Wife is getting suspicious, thinks I have a mistress. She even had me set up. Some whore from an agency tried to seduce me. Luckily, I was thinking of you, so I couldn’t even focus on her.”

Paul beamed. It was nice to know that he thought of him in the same way.

“How long are we going to stay? Have a usual lap dance and then get out of here?”

Paul nodded and smiled again at the girl on stage. He was a lap dance away from being in his arms. The girl slid off the stage and took his hand, leading him to a private room out the back.

Just one dance and he would be in heaven.

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