Chapter 189

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Paul looked about the lounge and saw people fucking against a wall in one corner, others tied up and whipped in another, while Frank was servicing the Mistress in his lap. He spied the tranny that had tried chatting him up and beckoned her over.

“Yes handsome?” she drawled.

“How about you give me a head job?”

The tranny laughed and replied, “Quite direct aren’t you? What do I get in return?”

As no exchange of money was allowed on premises, not even buying a drink for services, for that would be solicitation, Paul winked and said slyly, “A mouth full of my cum.”

Once again the tranny laughed and knelt in front of Paul, undoing his zipper and pulling his cock out. Stroking it to life he breathed, “Only because you are so cute. I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.” The full, red lips covered his cock and Paul gasped as he made eye contact with Frank, who raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Paul loved how a man’s mouth felt because a man knew what to do to turn another man on. This one looked like a female but sucked like a man. The perfect partner. He wondered what his beloved would look like dressed up in drag?

The tranny stopped sucking and stood, lifted her skirt and sat her arse down in his lap. She ground to climax and both of them sat there spent. Paul lifted the tranny off him and gave her a kiss on the arse as he patted her away; pushing his now deflated penis back into his trousers.

“Feel better now?” drawled Frank.

Paul shrugged and looked at him. The Mistress sensing that the two men needed to talk rose as well and took her slave with her.

“Never pinned you for the type to like cock,” said Frank.

“I never pinned you for one that liked to be humiliated,” retorted Paul.

“Touché,” said Frank as he waved the waiter over for another round.

“I have news of Sharline.”

Frank sat up and looked tense as he asked quietly, “Where is she?”

“In hospital. Apparently she can’t move or talk; barely alive. Did you want me to bring the tally to four?”

The news jolted him. Frank sat back into the seat and replied, “Let me think about it.”

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