Chapter 134

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As the van splashed into the river and the water seeped in through the cracks, the girls realised that they were sinking fast; with no way of getting out.

"The front door is unlocked!" shrieked Sienna as she tried to scramble with the last of her energy to the driver's seat.

Kali slapped Tara, pushing her face into the rising water level, trying desperately to wake her.

"It is stuck! What now?"

Kali looked around the vehicle and noticed that there was nothing sharp with which to break the glass.

"Be calm!" she yelled at Sienna, as Tara sat up groggily.

"You be calm! We are sinking! Fast!" cried Sienna.

"Why won't it open? We are going to die! Open! Open you stupid door!"

Sienna yanked with all her might but the door felt like it had been super-glued shut.

"I watched a show on tv and they talked about this. We have to wait for the water to fill the van completely before we can open the door. We have no other option. Be calm and take slow, deep breaths. The last breath needs to get you out of the van and to the surface. You can't take a deep enough breath if you are in a state of panic!"

Quickly Tara and Kali scrambled into the front of the vehicle too, ignoring the pain and managing to find super-human strength for self-preservation.

Kali had one hand on one door and Sienna the other. Tara held onto Kali in fear. She looked into the back and saw the dead bodies start to rise and float to the surface. How could she remain calm?

The water filled the cabin slower than they thought, or perhaps it only felt that way; like everything was running in slow motion. An arm floated and brushed against Sienna's neck, causing her to scream in panic.

Fear could kill them if they didn't relax, so Kali reached over and slapped her hard.



The girls pressed their lips to the roof of the van and took their final breath. Trying once more, the doors were opened, releasing them from their prison with amazing ease.

Huh! You can learn stuff on television!

Their lungs constricted with pain, burning for oxygen. The faint light of the sky filtered through the murkiness as they pushed on and up, breaking the surface of the water.

That is, Tara and Kali did.

Where was Sienna?

They struggled to keep afloat but pushed themselves to their limits diving into the cold, dark water once more, seeking their new friend.

Sienna, unfortunately, had become entangled in the seat-belt as she tried to swim out. Her foot was caught and she watched the sisters swim to safety, fighting for her life.

She had come so far, it just didn't seem fair to die!

Her lungs forced her mouth open, hoping for air but only water gushed in. A hand pulled at her as she slipped into unconsciousness.

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