Chapter 190

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Arianrhod came to and realised that she was not dreaming. She was in fact in hospital and that idiot had committed murder.

“How are you feeling Miss York?” asked the policeman. He didn’t appear to be concerned and he didn’t alert the staff to her fainting.

“Water, please?” asked Arianrhod, her mouth dry and fuzzy. She had to think and quickly. What had James done?

The policeman brought over a cup of water and sat beside her. He gave her a look with a lopsided grin, toying with her.

“I don’t know about any shooting and I would like to see James, if he is ok?”

“You will see him in a moment. Can you tell me what you meant with your previous comment?”

“Am I being arrested or interrogated?”

“No. Just a few standard questions following an attempted murder.”

“Am I a suspect?”

“Not yet, Miss York. Should we consider you?”

She stood, composing herself. Her father had been right. She was not ready to take over yet. Her emotions still got the better of her.

“Constable, if you are not arresting me and you are not interrogating me, I will be off to find my ex-boyfriend and almost fiancé. If you are, I would like to ask for my lawyer to be present before we proceed.”

The policeman shook his head and motioned her to be on her way. She was far too jumpy to be completely clean and he knew that something was going on but not what. He didn’t think she was responsible for the murder but something else was bugging him and he couldn’t put his finger on what. Arianrhod walked away, asking a nurse for directions to James’ room. He may hang around and see if he overhears something, just in case.

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