Chapter 170

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Arianrhod twisted in the seat and stared at him. What on earth was the matter now? Where were they going in such a rush? James had made a call as they walked to the car and was now dashing madly across town. She was afraid that they had probably given her detectives the slip. Time for a change in tactics.

“James, please slow down, I don’t feel well.”

He ignored her request, staring out into the darkness, increasing the speed.

“James, I’m serious. I don’t feel well.”

Once more he ignored her.

“James! I am going to throw up in your car if you don’t pull over!”

He brought the car to a screeching halt and wordlessly got out. Walking around the car, he came to her door, opened it and yanked her out.

“Ow! What is your problem?”

He slammed the car door and went to his side, got in, locked the doors and drove off, leaving her standing with her mouth gaping, by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.

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