Chapter 206

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Paul looked at his phone for a second time, just to make sure. He had received a message from John to meet in a new location and he was eager not to make a mistake. Leaving all he was he doing, this was his priority. The message was strange and John was not answering his phone. If only Paul could see inside his head and find out what was going on! The tone of the message was cold and clinical and this brought a fear into him, right to his very bones. Perhaps he was going to call it off? Or, he may have finally told his wife and now was feeling exposed and alone? Either way, Paul felt that it definitely did not bode well.

He pulled up outside the hotel and checked the address again. Paul looked up at the establishment and realised that it was not John’s usual standard of dirty and cheap. It was a much nicer building, promising to be even better inside. This could only mean something good, surely?

Paul went to the reception desk and asked for the lobby. John had advised him to go there first and have a drink before receiving his next set of instructions. It could be a new game or that he wants to prepare himself before breaking the news – good or bad. He walked casually to the bar and ordered a drink, taking it to an empty sofa chair. There was today’s newspaper on the table in front of him, so he picked it up, calming his nerves as he flicked through the pages, not really seeing anything inside.

His phone rang and he eagerly looked down, only to see that it was Nancy calling him. He had left her at another hotel, advising her that he had an urgent business meeting to attend to first and that he would be back as soon as he could. What could she possibly want now?


“Hi honey. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you already,” she giggled.

“Didn’t I tell you I was in a meeting? I can’t take calls unless they are an emergency. Is this an emergency?”

He heard her pout before she spoke, “I’m sorry baby. It is all just so exciting. My mother has called my phone like fifty times already and I am scared. What do I tell her?”

Paul took a deep breath, steadying himself. Could he honestly envision himself in a relationship with this twit? Perhaps he should try and make amends with Sharline? At least she was intelligent and knew when to leave him alone.

“Tell her you have eloped and that you will visit her after your honeymoon as a married woman. Now I have to go. Don’t interrupt me again unless it is life and death, ok?”


“Now go book yourself into a spa and get a massage while you wait for me to return, or order some food to be brought up to our room and enjoy a quiet bath. I have to go. Bye.”

“Bye. I love you.”

Paul hung up, knowing that she was waiting to hear the same three words spoken back to her. How could he say them when he hated the sight of her? Now if John had said them, he would be saying them back ten-fold! Speaking of John... Paul looked around the room, scouting it for his familiar face but it wasn’t there. He wondered if he should call him however after his painful conversation with Nancy, he knew that sometimes a person needed space. John would call him when he was ready. Until then, he would order another drink and do the crossword puzzle.

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