Chapter 138

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I have discovered the world of internet!

Yes it was a long time in coming but I finally pulled my finger out and stopped playing the damsel in distress. I never realised just how much information was available to me!

I joined a few chatrooms (accidently when I clicked on a few desktop icons) and have temporarily forgotten my story as I waste hours of my life talking to complete strangers in various parts of the universe. The great thing is that I have even made a few techie friends that have been ever so helpful in teaching me about online safety, including how to protect my computer from spyware! According to Bill, my new online BFF, there was a whole host of spyware on my pc but it is now all gone.

How cool is that?

Bill is from Maine in America. Shaking my head, I never realised how someone so far away could become my friend and then help me out - in real time! Gone are the days of regular mail! Or as Alia calls it, snail mail! Alia is from Pakistan. My other online buddy, Jaako, from Finland, showed me how to install anti-virus software! Who knew that computers could get sick!? Then there is Sandy, who lives in London, she helped me learn how to remove my home from Google maps. I had to laugh! I thought she was pulling my leg but sure enough there is a thing called Google and it had a nice clear picture of my house and a detailed view of the surroundings! Well not anymore!

These kind and amazing strangers from all over the world were helping me take control of my life! They even showed me how I could protect myself and my identity, which online support groups I should join and said I can ask them for help at any hour of the day or night and they would be there. Tears welled in my eyes with joy and restored hope in humanity.

Look out world, there is a new and informed player in the game!

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