Chapter 111

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The doctor looked over the charts and waited for the patient to wake. There were so many questions and none had as yet been answered. The main one plaguing his mind at present was, who was footing the bill? He had a family to feed and this was no charity.

As the eyelids fluttered open, the doctor cleared his throat and waited to be acknowledged. Their eyes met and he stepped closer to the patient.

"Michael, how do you feel today? We have many questions that need to be answered."

Paul swallowed and tried to prop himself up. He had broken ribs and punctured organs, so movement was very painful. The nurse that had flirted with him had walked in and seen him struggle and went immediately to his side to help. She wanted to hear the answers herself.

"What would you like to know?" he managed to say in between breaths.

"Your name is Michael Preston?"


"Who is the woman that was found with you? What is her connection with you?"

He listened to the question and realised that maybe Sharline was dead. Why else would they need to confirm her identity? They had told him she had lost her voice but maybe she had sustained greater injuries than they first thought?

The doctor stared intently at his face and realised that Michael didn't know what had happened. He had been in surgery and recovering since the ordeal.

"Well, there was you and a lady of similar age that were found in similar states. The lady has no identification, no telephone, no dental records... we have no idea who she is nor how she came to be with you."

Paul's mind raced and he thought of ways to make this situation work to his advantage. He needed to know what had happened to her first though.

"What happened to her? Is she ok?"

"She is as well as can be under the circumstances. She suffered great hemorrhaging from repetitious rape and has many bruises and breaks. At the moment she is immobile and can only communicate by blinking yes or no. Due to the trauma, she has lost her voice."

This could definitely work in his favour!

"The girl was an ex girlfriend. We slept together a couple of times but other than that, I know very little about her. She gave me two names, I heard others calling her something else... I broke it off when she started acting all crazy psycho on me and started imagining things."

"Really? Such as?"

"Well she thought that everyone was after her and that all her ex boyfriends beat her up. I tried to be reasonable but when she hit herself with a bottle over the head and yelled at me, blaming me for it... well I said I wanted out!"

"Ah-ha. So her name?"

"Last name I had was Crystal. We ran into one another in the club. She said some of the guys were after her. Well she had been flirting with them all evening and then came and sat in my lap. When I was about to leave, she followed, as did they. We got into a fight and I fell. I didn't see what happened to her."

"Ok. Do you have a surname for Crystal?"

"No. Like I said, I didn't date her for long. I really don't know who she is and if that is her real name or not."

The doctor grunted and walked off, re-reading his notes. Such a shame. The girl looked normal but was a schizophrenic by the sounds of it.

Paul smiled at the nurse, who was glad that he was single and definitely not married to that pretty girl without a voice!

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