Chapter 199

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I had left the house to go buy some supplies, as per request of my new followers. A man had asked me to fill condoms with various substances and push them inside myself as I relay the sensations they elicited to him. Unfortunately, I had run out of condoms and lube, so I left the serene safety of my home to make the purchases. My new fort had made me bold and given me courage to venture outside. On my return home, I stopped and looked at a couple of new outfits – something more “girl next door” – another request from a client. It was whilst I had left one of these stores that a gentleman had come up to me, grabbed my hand and whispered, “You are being followed by a man. You have to trust me? He looks in his mid fifties and is about thirty metres behind us. I say we catch a cab together and you can drop me off at the next corner before you go home.”

Shaken, I nodded and did as he had told me.

I walked over to my PC and logged in. Tonight was going to be a night off for me, so I pressed the button that my friend had programmed for just such an occasion and it switched the live cams off. Instead, my clients were given a message that read: I am truly sorry that you and I can’t play together right now. Please feel free to look at my photos, read my bio and for my premium viewers, you may select any videos from my archives – including today’s shows. Thank you for your understanding and see you real soon.

This whole situation was getting out of hand. Just when I thought that my life was back on track, something like this happened! My friend sent me a chat to verify that I had logged the cameras off; a precaution to ensure that we had not been hacked. I replied yes and he asked if I was ok. I told him what had happened and he advised me that I should stick to online shopping. Online shopping? Apparently, I could buy condoms, lube and heck anything else on my computer.

No more going outside!

Suddenly, life looked brighter once more.

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