Chapter 110

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Arianrhod drummed her nails on the desk impatiently, her mind wandering on other issues, not focusing on the problems at hand. Her father had called a board meeting and they were all seated in their usual places, except for her. She ran late and was now seated at the opposite end of the table. Maybe had she been seated by her father's side, as she was supposed to, she would have forced herself to pay attention. Instead, all eyes were on her now and she had no idea what had been said the past hour or more.

Looking blankly back at her father, she stood and asked to be excused. As she walked out of the room, her father was hot on her heels and grabbed her by the arm.

Clenching tightly, he threatened, "I don't care what you and that boy have going on but it is interfering with your work. Either drop one or the other."

Arianrhod stared at him in disbelief.

"Have I ever given you cause for concern father?"

He didn't drop his hand away but instead pulled her closer and said softly, only for her to here, "Do you forget why we went to his office? I saw your photos. Get rid of him. That is an order. If you do not, I will personally fire you. You have a week."

With that he turned on his heel and returned to the boardroom, making excuses for his daughter's absence, leaving Air to stand in shock outside the door.

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