Chapter 169

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Frank had organised to meet with Paul and clear the air. The best way to sort out this mess was to gather together and start again. They all knew what a blundering mess it had all become and now it was time to forget the past and look at how to repair the damage. Paul was hired to do a job that he had organised (and paid handsomely) the clowns Arianrhod and James to do. When things got tough, they had turned on him. He forgave them that act of stupidity. They were virgin to the job and had freaked out. Back to school for all of them.

He had realised that he needed them at the discussion as well and had sent them both white flag messages, advising to meet at their old hangout. Now he tapped his fingers impatiently on the table as he drank his fourth drink.

The first to arrive was the reliable Paul. He looked like the sort that would be in the industry. How had they located him? Paul sat down opposite him and ordered a drink, silence hung in the air, threatening the ceasefire. Frank coughed and the waitress looked at him, nodding. She brought out two drinks, one for Paul and one for himself. They clinked their glasses and downed the drink in one go.

There was no sign of the two children.

“Well?” asked Paul, sick of sitting in the uncomfortable silence.

“Wait until they arrive and we can talk then. We have nothing to say to one another,” replied Frank.

Paul smirked and crossed his legs on the chair beside him, arms folded as he sardonically said, “I disagree my old “friend” for one doesn’t meet up with people one was supposed to kill for drinks.”

Frank shot him a dark look of warning, twisting in his chair to see if anyone had heard his careless remark. The man was an idiot. No wonder this had turned into a mess! He had hoped that at least Paul would be grounded enough to carry on civilly in this conversation.

After an hour of sitting in silence, the two men had had enough. It was apparent that James and Arianrhod were not coming. Frank had tried calling their mobiles but there was no response. Paul had risen and had advised him if he had wanted to go for drinks, there were plenty of bars with plenty of people he would rather waste time with.

“How much to sort out the whole mess?” asked Frank in desperation.

“Three people?” Paul stared at the ceiling and sat down again. He looked at Frank and smiled, “Double what was promised.”

Frank nodded and said, “Agreed.”

Paul smiled and ordered a new round of drinks, “Now that we’re “friends” how about ending the cold war, hey?”

Frank laughed and shrugged. This had not turned out how he had hoped but it may be for the better. He looked at the strange man and asked, “So how is love?”

Shaking his head, Paul drank his drink quietly. What could he say? The girl he was with was being disposed of and the man he loved was still married. How to explain that? He raised an eyebrow and returned the question.

Frank laughed and shook his head as well, saying, “Well I have managed to lose my girl. One minute she is home and the next she has vanished.”

Paul laughed and asked, “She isn’t eliminated too is she? You have a bad track record for people around you. Pity I don’t know her, I could go detective and get more money out of you.”

Frank stared at him and smiled. Perhaps that wasn’t such a crazy idea; after all, he hadn’t had any success.

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