Chapter 135

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James paced the hotel room nervously. What had she concocted this time? Why were they meeting here? So many wild thoughts raced through his head and none gave him any pleasure. 

Arianrhod had called and asked him very sweetly to meet her here but time was slipping by and she had not yet shown up. Nervously, he glanced at his watch again, for the umpteenth time since his arrival.


She had asked that he arrive at ten sharp. What was holding her up?

He refrained from appearing unsettled and calling her to see where she was. Surely she would have the decency to call or message? It was very unlike her to not call, unless she was angry. James racked his brain, trying to think of their last conversation. Had he upset her unwittingly?

Sighing, he walked over to the curtains and exercising a great deal of will-power walked away, without pulling them back to see if she was in fact outside.

Something didn't gel.

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