Chapter 187

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Helen knew that her husband was addicted to porn. He spent half his wage on various websites, drooling over hussies and wanking in his room. What she couldn’t comprehend was why? She was right here in the flesh and blood. Wasn’t she enough for him? Why did he have to go prowling the internet searching for other women and service himself? Didn’t he like what she did?

The feelings of inadequacies were strong and heightened once she had discovered that he was having an affair with a girl young enough to be his daughter. She couldn’t look at the family in the eyes again, though they had once been inseparable and not only business partners but great family friends as well. They had trusted them with their daughter and John had betrayed that trust. That very same act had broken their vows and almost their marriage. This was the reason they moved overseas for so many years.

Tentatively they had restored their marriage but she was now extremely jealous. Before, when John told her he was going away for a business weekend, she had believed him and didn’t worry. Now she knew better. She had become cynical of love and as much as she tried to trust him, she didn’t. Knowing that he used to take the young girl with him and sleep with her as well made her shudder and push down the nausea. How could he!?!

Helen stood at the door of his home office and looked around. It was immaculate and tidy. They had returned home to the same suburb but all the neighbours were new and different. No one knew of their shame. The only ones that were aware of what had happened were the two families; not even their own children. Their daughter was the same age as the girl John had had the affair with and their son was far too young to understand. Both were at boarding school and didn’t need to be informed. It made the illusion of a perfect family possible. Her old friends were excited to see her and she had returned to work with ease.

Helen walked over to the computer and wondered if she should turn it on? She had never betrayed his trust and this was the first time she had felt compelled to check his computer. Why?

The agency she had hired to test her husband told her she had nothing to worry about. He was not cheating on her but something made her uncomfortable and this time she would not disregard her intuition. Pressing the button, the computer came to life and she made herself comfortable in his chair, as she waited to see what her husband was up to.

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