Chapter 139

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The catty young nurse had taken up hawk duty and monitored her every movement, while she was working. Some days she even stayed back after work to keep her company, much to Sharline's disappointment. Today was such a day. Her shift had ended but instead of going home, she had taken up perching in the small, private room; her knees raised and her socked-feet up on the tiny arm chair. 

Filing her nails, she chattered incessantly about some doctor and some nurse but quickly reverted to the same old story about some guy named Michael and how they were going to get married, have five babies and run away forever.

"You know that he loves me right? When I saw him last, he was so heartbroken at having to leave, he even considered getting sick, just so I could nurse him back to health again! Would he do that for you? I don't think so. Michael is the most amazing man I have ever met! Such a gentleman. But the lovemaking ... it isn't just sex, like it was between the two of you. Oh no. He told me how you were pathetic in bed. Frigid. We make love. One day we will make love on the beach and make beautiful babies, as the ocean laps at our feet. Our honeymoon will be in the Caribbean. I always dreamt of an island honeymoon. Big lavish wedding! He will be so handsome in his tuxedo, while I, of course, will be stunningly breathtaking! I have been looking at dresses. Maybe I'll bring the catalogues in and show you what I have chosen?"

Returning her file to her small handbag, she put her feet down and re-shoed.

"I don't know why he is so paranoid about you. You are now just a dumb vegetable and we will make sure you stay that way!"

The nurse crammed her face into Sharline's and spat, "Mine! You can't have him. You will remain drugged and useless until we turn off the life support!"

With that, she patted her sweetly on the arm and walked out.

Sharline breathed a sigh of relief.

Either the nurse was crazy or something was not right. Could they have made a fatal error and have her down as mistaken identity? Who is this Michael? Could she possibly mean Paul? Who else would be worried about her waking up?

The stabbing pain had returned to her arms and was now extending to her legs. She was extremely careful not to let anyone know that her body was waking up.

Especially if they were simply waiting for her to die!

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