Chapter 142

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The girls, exhausted from the escape, realised that this was just the beginning of their survival. With so much blood loss and lack of food, it was only a matter of time before they died as well. Dragging their bodies, grazing their skin and filling their eyes and mouths with sand, water seemed like a luxury that they would have given their souls for. The odd branches and twigs embedded into open wounds. It was something that should have caused them to scream in agony but their determination to live caused them to be numb to such insignificant pains.

Sienna appeared weakest. The drowning had taken it's toll on her battered body. Kali and Tara, in their usual sibling rivalry, pushed each other on, urging the other to remain focused and alive. Natalie was the quiet shadow. She had shown her strength and was now proving herself by leading the way to the main road.

What should have taken a moment or two to cross, took the girls half an hour.

Finally the girls lay on the road, exhausted and weary, waiting and hoping that someone would find them. They didn't need to wait long. With the sound of the vehicle approaching, they all fell into the comfort of darkness, knowing that they had done all they could possibly do.

Now their lives were in the hands of the Gods.

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