Chapter 188

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Kali, Tara, Sienna and Natalie were in intensive care as they recovered from their surgeries. Sienna had had her arm amputated, Tara was suffering from an infection, Kali and Natalie were faring best. The two girls seemed to be recovering well and the hospital staff, as well as the police department, were hopeful that one of them would open their eyes first.

Jessica was still not waking and they were worried that the overdose may have done permanent damage, as she was not young and her health was not the best to begin with.

Detective Harrison paced the hallways, scowling at everyone that passed him. If they had let him go and not forced him to sleep, he may have caught up with the killer. Now there was no way of finding him. All their hopes lay with the ladies that had undergone the tragic ordeal. If only they would wake!

A doctor approached him and advised that Natalie was the first to show signs of waking but that she would still need time. He almost kissed the doctor with joy! A light at the end of this long and weary tunnel. He wanted this nightmare to end more than anyone else. How could anyone delight in torturing these women as the killer had? What on earth had possessed the killer to start this brutal maiming? If only Harrison could get into the head of the killer, perhaps he would be able to stop him from killing anyone else.

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