Chapter 200

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Paul had driven in a mad rush to get to the hospital before Frank. It seemed that he had succeeded. He stood outside Sharline’s room and contemplated walking in. Had anyone seen him? He had been in such a hurry that he didn’t recall if had been careful or not. Sharline’s room was empty. Damn! Where was she?

Just as Paul had turned to leave, he felt arms wrap around his waist and a body press against his back.

“I knew you’d be back.”

Paul threw his head back in dismay and frustration. He forgot about the nurse. Twisting in her embrace, he faced her and looked down into her empty eyes; empty as her head. He tried to wriggle free but her arms were locked like a vice.

“Let go of me,” he hissed and she immediately obeyed.

“Are you mad at me? Don’t you love me anymore?” she sobbed.

Groaning, Paul pushed her into the room and silenced her with a kiss. Why was it that the only way to shut a woman up was to kiss her? He closed the door for privacy and turned to her, “Where is she?”

Nancy sighed and rolled her eyes. She answered as she sat on the empty bed, “Relocated. Mother thought she could get her to move.”

Paul pursed his lips in disapproval and took a deep breath. This was not what he had wanted to hear.

Nancy had jumped down from the bed and had once more, somehow, attached herself to him. She whispered against his chest, “Let’s just run away and get married and let her rot here with my mother.”

Paul’s mind was in overdrive. Perhaps he should lay low for a while. If he got married, perhaps John would get jealous and leave his wife sooner. Leaving this whole mess could be for the best and this dim-witted female could be his free pass out of here. He smiled and lifted her chin, saying as he gazed into those painfully slow eyes, “I think you are right. Why wait? Let’s go now!”

She gave a small, shrill squeak of delight and kissed him.

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