Chapter 147

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Harrison had dropped off the young lad at the bus stop and had been feeling like he had overlooked something extremely important ever since. Trying to shake the uneasiness, he pulled over and tried to determine where to go next. Maybe it was time to retrace his footsteps. Quickly he did a u-turn and headed back to where he started from. He was sure he had missed something along the way. The young fella had said the van had come this way but noone else had seen it. Perhaps there was a turn-off he had missed or maybe the van was hiding in the bushes?

As he raced along the road, he thought about the days he used to hitch-hike and how dangerous the world had become.

So absorbed in his thoughts, he almost ran over what appeared to be a group of individuals laying on the road. He came to a stop and jumped out, ready to give the drugged-up kids a piece of his mind! As he neared the conglomerate of bodies, he recognised a face and the blood drained from his own.

Harrison ran back to his car and radio-ed an ambulance, then returned to check their pulses.

How did they end up here?

Where was the criminal?

Where was the van?

Nothing mattered. The only thing he cared about right now was getting them to hospital and keeping them alive.

He ran back to his car and searched for warm blankets and clothing to rug them up. When he had checked for pulses, they were cold and hanging on by sheer will, for there was no way they could have survived what they had and still be alive. Tears welled, as he lifted their heads and placed bundled shirts beneath them, lifting them from the cold, wet asphalt of the road.

Harrison vowed to bring the vile creature that had done this to justice and make sure he suffered as much as these poor girls had.

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