Chapter 198

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Frank walked hurriedly down the street, nervous about seeing Sharline. He was glad she was alive and in hospital being looked after and cared for but he didn’t have time to wait for her to recover. Sure he loved her but it was just as easy to find another woman and fall in love with her as well. If he had learnt anything from his daughter, it was that love and lust were fickle.

As he waited to cross the street at the lights, he looked ahead and noticed a familiar face. He gasped. Frank saw his daughter walking out of a chemist. Looking around, he was tempted to try and dodge the cars on the busy street. This was a chance for him to finish what he had come here to do and be done with the whole sordid task. The lights changed and he lost sight of her as the people milled past him, trying to cross as quickly as they can before the lights changed once more.

He ran as quickly as he could but he could not see her. Frank wondered if she had been a mirage? Maybe he was slowly going insane? Nope definitely not a mirage, for he saw her walk out of a store and continue her stroll. He tried to walk behind her and follow her, temporarily forgetting that he had been going somewhere else; bumping into passersby. Someone shouted an obscenity as they told him to watch where he was going but he didn’t hear them. All he saw was her. She was dressed in a long black dress and had her hair down. He walked faster until he ran into a large man who pushed him aside and held his shirt, threatening to beat him up if he ever pushed him again. Frank mumbled an apology and resumed his stealthy tracking. A man grabbed her hand and whispered something in her ear and the next thing he knew, they both stopped a cab and disappeared.

Frank smashed his fist against the wall. He had let her escape and she was so near!

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