Chapter 177

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Sandra stared at the golden band on her finger and squealed. She simply could not believe that they were married finally. He was now her husband, not only her lover and the father of her child. Husband! Sandra ran to him and jumped onto the bed beside him.

“Easy,” he said, fearing she would hurt the baby.

“I am so deliriously happy! I cannot believe this is real. That we are finally married! Where to after our honeymoon?”

He looked at her with such tenderness and traced her lips lightly, feeling her tremble from his touch.

“Where would you like to go?”

She lay beside him and wrapped herself with his arms.

“Home is where you are.”

He hugged her close and kissed her hair. She was right. It didn’t matter where they went as long as they had each other. He released her and looked into her eyes. They looked back at him with such love that he felt a lump rise in his throat. She never asked for anything, only his love.

“I want to make you happy. You decide where we go,” he urged.

She giggled and replied, “I have waited so long for you that we could stay here or go to the ends of the world and live in a caravan. I really, honestly don’t care. As long as we are together.”

He smiled at her response and hugged her again.

“How does travelling Europe sound?” he asked.

Sandra wrapped her arms about him and kissed his neck.


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