Chapter 209

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They were seated in the departure lounge, Gate 24. Sandra had her head on his shoulder and both of them were rubbing her belly, silly smiles pasted to their faces, enjoying the intimacy. The announcement pulled them out of their trance, as the final boarding call for their flight was declared. He stood and gently raised her to her feet, walking with his arm protectively around her waist. As they stood in line for their tickets to be verified, the attendant excused herself and walked over to a man behind the main desk, leaving them standing there, unsure of what was going on. Sandra looked at the two attendants as they spoke quite animatedly, finally the lady that took their tickets returning, with a sombre look.

“We notice that you are pregnant, yet there is nothing here to state otherwise. Can you please supply your doctor’s certificate, indicating that you are fit to travel?”

Sandra panicked, then paled, just as they were about to embark on their honeymoon! Luckily her husband had his wits about him, for he responded with the rehearsed, “We are hoping to fall pregnant on our honeymoon.”

The attendant shook her head and advised that unfortunately, due to circumstances, they would not be allowed to board the plane. If the issue is later confirmed, the airline would pay for their airfares. This was not what they wanted to hear. What would they do now? They had a whole holiday planned out! That is exactly what he told the lady behind the desk, slamming his fist in anger.

Unfortunately, this grabbed a security guard’s attention. Not what either of them had wanted. They apologised profusely and accepted an overnight hotel stay reimbursement, promising to bring the required doctor’s certificate in the morning along with the paid hotel receipt. He took her hand and gently led her away; away from the stares of the staff and away from their almost freedom.

How were they going to get a doctor’s certificate stating that she wasn’t pregnant when she was obviously leaving the country for good?

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