Chapter 107

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He had not moved since he had sat down, his eyes glued to the door. Where was she? Frank glanced down and realised that it was already a day since she had gone and not returned. He was caught in a dilemma. Does he go and try find her, walk aimlessly around the streets, checking random clubs, etc or does he stay put and wait for her, for she may call? Never had he felt so helpless! Picking up her discarded bathrobe, he held it to his cheek and inhaled deeply, committing her scent to memory. 

"Call!" he willed the phones, standing and pacing the room.

Only it wasn't her that called. Arianrhod had been calling him at fifteen minute intervals all night and he was furious! What if Sharline had tried to call and couldn't get through? This time he answered.

"Listen carefully, for I won't repeat myself. DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN! I will call you when I am good and ready and this childish and amateurish behaviour is only making me angry. Now piss off and pass on the message to your friend as well," he spat into the mobile, furious. He wanted to hit someone or something.

Realising he could not call the police and make a missing person's claim, he punched the bed and pillow. Sharline would be mad if he damaged the walls. 

"Oh baby, where are you?" he sobbed, pulling back the curtain and hooping to see her walk up the road. Alas, no Sharline.

There was something he could do. He had a contact at the police, he just remembered! Maybe she'll help? She owed him a favour or two. Quickly, he dialled her number but the auto-message came on, informing him that the number had been disconnected. If only he could remember her last name! Then he could try the various precincts.

Frank returned to the bed and sat once more, staring at the door like a man who had lost everything but hope.

Arianrhod stared at her own mobile, confused. She was mad at all the men in her life. Why were they all turning on her? She sent James a message and crawled back into bed, crying until she was exhausted and asleep.

James picked up his phone and read the message.

Frank in a mood. Don't call him or he may turn on us.

Great! He hated being stagnant and wanted this all over and soon!

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