Chapter 133

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He pushed his way into the shrubs and bushes and tried to get a good look. A dog was barking and growling at him but he knew how to deal with that. He pushed an arm through, this time protected well with equipment he had stolen from the police k-9 unit, things they used when they trained their dogs. The dog attacked but this time things ended differently. He had a concealed syringe in his hand and jabbed the dog with it. It became drowsy and fell with a thud on the ground. Glancing quickly to the window, he realised she didn't notice a thing.

The whore!

How could she desecrate her body and let all those strangers pollute her? She was supposed to be his virgin. His darling.

Now she was a dirty street harlot. Beggars wouldn't want to touch her for fear of contamination!

Still she paraded in her skimpy attire and flaunted her voluptuous body. 

Gritting his teeth, he clenched his fists and broke a branch in anger.

She turned and looked out the window, aware that someone was out there.


Soon he would rid the world of her filth.

Soon he would cleanse her in blood and return her to purity.

Soon she would be only his again.


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