Chapter 124

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Arianrhod snuck out of bed and crept into the kitchen. Her stomach was rumbling and she realised she hadn't actually eaten anything in two days. How did that happen?

The relationship between her and Sera had picked up where they had left off years ago. It was strange to be in a loving partnership with no ulterior motives. There was a new glow to her and she had become visibly relaxed. The lines that had started to etch her face were able to be fixed and she would be as good as new in days.

She couldn't believe that she had implicated herself in a near murder! Why? Jealousy? Boredom? A combination of the two? Arianrhod snorted at herself in disgust. She didn't need extra stress and she already had enough money. Life without them was easy. Sera ensured she was no longer bored and jealous.


Crap! She still had to end that. But how? Air realised that she did love him but she loved her work and daddy more. If daddy said get rid of him, then she had to; her feelings in the matter were completely irrelevant.

Having Sera back in her life made her decision easier and final. Her resolution straightened her back so that when Sera sauntered in, she looked like an Amazonian going to war.

"Hey babe. Morning. You ok? You look like you are on a war path!"

Sera walked over to Air and kissed her before wandering over to the coffee machine.

"Marry me."

Dropping the half-filled coffee cup, Sera turned and stared at Arianrhod. Had she heard correctly?


Arianrhod grabbed Sera's shaking hands and spoke determinedly, "Marry me. You make me feel grounded and stop me from doing stupid things."

Sera withdrew from the embrace and took a deep breath before replying, "That is not a good enough reason to get married. I see you haven't really changed. I had hoped that you had but you are still the same Air that I know. Sorry. My answer is final and my answer is no. I will sleep with you but I will not marry you."

Air gritted her teeth and stood taller still, calmly responding, "Pack and leave. I don't need you in my life."

Sera chuckled and looked at her with pity in her eyes.

"This is what I was talking about. You don't want to marry me. It seemed like a good idea temporarily but at the flick of a switch you hate the sight of me. We'd be divorced before we even finished our vows! I'm leaving. Do yourself a favour and grow up. Learn that if you want another person in your life, you need to compromise and grow. I feel sorry for you. You will always drift."

"Out! I don't want your stupid lectures. I made a rash declaration and I regret it. I don't want to look at you or your condescending face again."

With that, Arianrhod walked to her bathroom to get ready for work.

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