Chapter 182

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Arianrhod had called him to advise that someone had shot James in the stomach and that he had been taken to hospital with extreme bleeding. He groaned and hoped that the stupid man Paul had not been identified. Quickly dialling his number, he walked outside and hailed a taxi.

“The Frambuesa Lounge,” he advised the driver just as Paul answered the call.

“What on earth have you done? Tell me that no one saw you!”

Paul laughed and snorted into the phone, “Ha! It wasn’t me, Frank. I thought you had gotten me some competition. For your information, I had other plans last night. My life does not revolve around my jobs.”

“Can we meet and discuss a new plan of attack?”

“No. I have things to do today.”

Paul patted the empty bed beside him. The whole evening had ended far too soon, with his lover having to return to his wife. He wondered what he told his wife? Why does an architect spend so much time after hours in the office when he has a home office set up as well? What about tonight’s scandal? To make it up to him, he had organised a day at a spa in a very private location, discretion was paramount.

Frank’s voice cut into his thoughts, “I’ll be at The Frambuesa Lounge if you change your mind.”

He smiled and put his phone down. The Frambuesa Lounge was a place he had not been to in a very long time. It held a very special place in his heart, it was where he had met his lover. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a complete waste of time after all? It would make the arrangement with Frank more solid and he did have news of his long lost fiancé. Did he want to disclose that information yet?

Paul stood and took a shower, dressing and jumped in a car. Some things were better discussed in person. So he kept telling himself. What he really missed was The Frambuesa Lounge.

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