Chapter 153

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He glanced down at her increasingly naked form and ground his teeth in anger. Had he not only moments earlier covered her up? One luscious breast had popped out; the erect nipple, hard and challenging, begging to be sucked. Trying desperately to keep his eyes on the road, he noticed from the corner of his eyes one of her hands, stealthily touch her pussy. He could smell her muskiness and knew that a finger or two were inserted. Much to his disgust, he felt himself harden. The underwear felt restrictive. Damn her! He quickly looked at her face and realised that she was staring out at the road and wasn’t even paying attention to him.

“Fuck you Air! What are you playing at? Did I not tell you to cover up?”

She raised an eyebrow innocently and responded sweetly, “You did nothing of the sort. You covered me up yourself and as you weren’t going to relieve me, I thought I should do it myself. I was quiet and tried not to bring any attention to what I was doing. Forgive me if it distracted you.”

James fumed silently and returned his gaze to the road before pulling off to the side of the road with a screeching halt. Pulling on the handbrake and turning off the engine, he twisted in his seat and stared at her. Arianrhod had not removed her fingers and now without the sound of the engine, he could hear her juices sloshing with each penetration. She returned his stare steadily. If only she would face him! Instead, her whole body was still facing forward, only her eyes were on him, waiting expectantly to see what would happen next. Her other hand tweaked a nipple and he heard her breathing increase in speed.

“I don’t want to do this Air. Get your fingers out of your cunt and stop diddling! We need to talk and I can’t drive or think straight with you playing with yourself.”

“How is your inability to control yourself my problem?”

He smashed a hand against the steering wheel. Smirking, he thought he should dump her on the side of the road and let her continue her mind games with some other poor sod. Only he was horny and she was willing and ready. Without another word, he exited the vehicle and went to her door, opened it and pulled her out. She protested in confusion but he smiled and threw her on the bonnet of the car, face down. He undid his zipper and plunged his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. She groaned. It was what she had come for after all. James rammed her until he exploded inside her, pulled out his slimy and dripping cock, wiped it on her trench coat and returned to the driver’s seat. Arianrhod trembling from her orgasm and the cold night air, quickly mopped herself up and jumped into the car as well.

“You had no right to do that!” she spat angrily at him.

“What? Pleasure you? Weren’t you just complaining that I was not doing my duty?” his lip curled into a snarl as he watched her face, illuminated with each passing vehicle, showing her extreme displeasure.

“Not like that! I am not some cheap whore!”

“Then stop acting like it! Are you ready to get dressed and talk now?”

A more subdued Arianrhod nodded. He went around the back of the car and pulled out his gym tracksuit from the boot, before returning and dumping it in her lap.

“Now get dressed and no more playing around. We need to talk or I leave you here, now.”

“Sure. Whatever.”

James smiled as he watched her dress. She was angry but knew better than to start an argument that she could not win.

“The rest of the drive should prove to be less distracting,” he thought to himself.

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