Chapter 108

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Pain or no pain, she refused to stay put. He was going to kill them all and sooner, thanks to her. Kali scrambled desperately through the van, looking for Tara. The girls in the van sobbed, some quietly to themselves, others so loud, it hurt her ears. She was desperate to escape. Shaking Tara, she slapped her and begged her to open her eyes. 

"Come on! Please! Wake up! We have to get out of here," she cried.

Kali had found a new reserve of energy. Funny how your survival instincts kick in! Tara slowly came to, throbbing pain debilitating her but this did not deter Kali. 

"Tara, he is going to kill us if we don't get out of here!"

Sienna grabbed her arm and stated, "There is no way out. What are you going to do? Get us all killed?"

Kali stared at her, spitting back, "We are all dead anyway! At least trying to get free gives us hope of survival. You do what you want, we are getting out of here!'

"Brave words. You are idiots. He has alarms, locks, light, guns, knives... I can go on if you like? How do you think you'll escape, oh wise one?" she mocked.

As Kali prepared her retort, the lights came on in the garage, followed by the tell-tale beep of the car alarm. The van door was wrenched open and he angrily yanked a body out. It was a girl that hadn't spoken much and to everyone's shame, no one even knew her name. Holding her up so that they could all see, he cut the bandage off her arm, exposing bone and bloody flesh. He then proceeded to put his cigarette out, using her wound as an ashtray. The screams sent a chilling quiet through the rest of the girls as they stared in terror. A small knife flicked out of nowhere and sliced off a hunk of hair, tossing it into the van much to the girls' disgust. As his fingers curled into the exposed flesh, the other hand pressed themselves into the young victim's eyes. The screams of pain, coupled with the popping sound her eyeballs made, caused many to throw up. Fortunately, the young girl passed out, though this annoyed him greatly. Bending down, he sliced off her head like a barbarian butcher and threw it in with the rest of the girls.

"That should be enough to keep you company!"

He looked at the bloodied mess and cursed, before he reached in and yanked another girl out. 

"You! Clean this up or you'll be next!"

The girl barely had strength to kneel on the concrete floor but pushed herself to comply to his wishes, using her sleeve. He snorted and took off his shirt, tossing it down to her.

"Here, use this!"

Taking off his trousers, he wiped himself clean as best he could, the returned to the house. A quick shower and he was as good as new.

Having learnt his lesson earlier, he had drugged his aunt with sleeping pills to ensure she didn't hear a thing and the neighbours? Well they knew she was deaf. They would put down the screams to a possible tv show turned up loud.

"That should keep them in check for a bit!" he thought smugly.

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