Chapter 117

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The feelings were indescribable. It was all so surreal and frightening and that she didn't know what to do or think. The only way she could communicate was by blinking and even that worked only randomly at best. There was a subtle change in the way she was treated by staff and she was no longer sure if it was her imagination or not. A new drug had been added to her cocktail only this one made her head fuzzy, kind of like having your head stuffed with cotton wool. Sharline was getting scared. Wasn't this supposed to be her safe place?

A young nurse seemed to delight in hurting her whenever she attended to her. She also said things to her that made no sense.

"I hope you are taking the time to think about the horrible things you have done to Michael. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't be in this mess! Then again, I would not have had the opportunity to meet him. I just wish you weren't a part of his life!"

Who was this Michael they all kept talking about? Where was Paul? Maybe he was dead? A tear welled in her eye and dribbled out. She didn't want him dead. He had tried to protect her. She still loved him in a half crazy way that one loves her capture and torturer.

The doctor came in and kept shaking his head, mumbling, "Such a shame. What a waste."

They no longer spoke directly to her about her condition, they kept talking between themselves and shaking their heads. It was like a twisted horror movie. She wanted to scream but her body betrayed her and refused to cooperate.

"Crystal, Michael has told us about you and we will try to help you as best we can."

Sharline stared at the doctor who had leant over her and wondered who he was talking about. Who is Crystal and who is Michael? Oh my Lord! They had her mixed up with someone else! If she died, no-one would know it was her. Maybe the reason she felt so fuzzy was because of the mix-up? Oh if only she could talk and tell them! Tears welled in her eyes and the doctor wiped them away.

"Don't worry. You'll get all the help you need. Rest."

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