Chapter 154

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He had tried to see through the bushes but realised that the whore had booby-trapped the entire parameter.  So instead, he was forced to climb a tree in the neighbour’s yard, like some desperate criminal. He would make sure she paid. The humiliation alone was enough to stir anger in him once more. New blinds had been installed as well, so now he could not see her, except for the occasional silhouette when she passed in front of a bright light.

The dog below continued to bark. You’d think that after some time it would get used to his presence and desist its annoying yapping, only it hadn’t. If anything, it seemed to increase in volume the moment it sensed him near. Perhaps it remembered that he had killed its friend? It wasn’t personal. He needed to get her attention. Did he want her to know that it was him? Did he want her to be scared? Or was he simply sick and tired of watching her share her body with all and sundry? It was mostly the latter.

Slipping slightly as he tried to get a better grip, he cursed to himself.

What was a grown man doing up a tree?

He needed to entice her out.

Only how?

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