Chapter 191

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Sandra sat patiently in the travel agent’s office as they perused image after image of glorious locations around Europe. Never had she imagined that she would see the world, married blissfully to a wonderful, attentive partner and a baby on the way. She rubbed her belly absentmindedly and the travel agent looked over at her concerned.

“You aren’t pregnant are you?”

She bit her lip and shook her head. They would never be able to go on this trip if she were. Her wonderful husband piped up, “We are trying but haven’t had much luck and had hoped that a carefree trip would do the trick.”

The agent nodded his head knowingly and smiled. Many couples tried for babies on their holidays and he didn’t have the heart to tell them that none of his had returned pregnant yet. Perhaps they would be the first.

“So did you want to start with Eastern Europe? We can organise car hire for you or tour groups, entirely your choice. Once your Eastern European tour is complete, we will have you tour the West. Which city would you like to finish in?”

Sandra held his hand as they both looked at the amazing images of Italy. Nodding they agreed, “Venice.”

“Ahhh. A great choice. A truly romantic city. Perfect!”

They filled out the forms in their new married names and paid their deposit. She could not have been happier or more fulfilled than she felt at the moment. He was making all her dreams come true and hopefully, she could make his come true on the trip.

What happens if she gives birth while away? Shuddering with delight they exited the agency and she rubbed her belly, as her husband knelt in front of her and kissed it.

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