Chapter 157

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He recalled the night they made love, hoping to make a baby. It was a moment etched in his memories forever.

They stood face to face inches from one another but not touching. Instead they drank the sight of one another, committing each line, freckle and mole to memory.

Finally he bent his head lower and kissed her so gently she feared she had imagined it. Only the kiss was replicated, soon covering her forehead. His lips were soft and warm, causing her to shudder involuntarily and he paused as he stood upright and smiled knowingly back at her. Resuming his kisses, he covered her eyelids and nose, then cheekbones and cheeks. It wasn't long until her whole head was covered, bar her lips, in the lingering warmth of his attention. Pausing once more, she noticed the twinkle in his eyes as he swooped in and placed delicate kisses on her neck. A soft sigh escaped her lips and her legs felt as though they would no longer carry her weights. Silently he steadied her and removed her blouse and bra, continuing with his soft exploration of her body. Throwing her head back to look at the ceiling and steady her breathing, she barely noticed that he had dropped to his knees until she felt the familiar tug of her trousers. The kisses covered her entire body, down to the palms and soles to the toes on her hands and feet. He had lingered on no single part of her body, yet every cell had been kissed so delicately that she ached for him in a way she never thought possible. Everything, that is except her lips. He stood and looked at her; her face flushed, her breasts rising and falling quickly, the skin covered in goose-bumps.

"You are so beautiful," he finally breathed as he stared into her caramel eyes. "I never thought I could love anyone as I love you."

No longer able to hold herself together, she burst into tears. Words she longed to hear were like a balm to her soul.

"I love you so much," she sobbed, raising her hands, ready to embrace him. He grabbed her hands and held them down by her sides, confusing flittering across her face.


Afraid she had broken the special magic he had woven, she hung her head. He raised her chin with a finger and looked into her eyes once more. She stared back into his molten chocolate eyes and searched for an answer, for an emotion, to understand what she had done wrong.

"I want us to make a baby. I want a little "you" running around the house. What do you think? Can we make a baby tonight?"

Her face transformed as it lit up and she let the breath she had been holding out in a burst!

"Yes!" she said loudly.

This time he bent his head and kissed her deeply, holding her close to him. 

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