Chapter 194

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John logged into the site and saw her – his first love. There she was, oblivious to his presence as she walked around her kitchen with a large green snake draped around her waist. God, she looked hot. The Devil sure rewarded His own! She had outgrown her innocent youthfulness and now had a sultry, sexy appeal. His friend was right; she was the best thing online. He unzipped his trousers and released his throbbing cock, as he pressed the option for private chat. Would she recognise him? A bell rang out on screen and she looked around, smiling and waving up at a camera.

“On my way hot stuff!”

She walked over to her computer and accepted the chat request. This was the best thing he had ever spent his money on! Quickly, he turned his camera off and waited for her face to be exclusively on his screen.

“Hey! I don’t see you! Can you see me?”

John turned off the sound and typed back:

Sorry. Having problems with my PC. You look great.

She smiled and replied, “Thanks! I wish I could say the same but I can’t see you. What’s your name?”


“I love that name! How are you today John?”

Better for having seen your beautiful face.

“Oh stop! You’ll have me blushing!”

It just makes you more adorable.

“So John, what can I do for you?”

I’d like to talk for a bit first, if that is allowed?

“I’m all yours! Well at least for the next five minutes.” She coyly smiled at the screen as she pulled away and demurely crossed her legs. He stared at her, longing making him choke up.

Do you have a boyfriend?

“Do you think he’d let me play like this?” Her giggles brought back memories.

Are you sleeping with anyone?

“Would you like me to?”


“A man or a woman?”


Her laughter rippled through him. She was still a tease. He simply couldn’t help himself; he turned on the camera and sound.

“Hi babe, miss me?”

She paled and stared at the screen, reaching out a hand to stroke his face. “John? My John?”

“Your John”

What he didn’t expect was her sudden burst of tears. She sobbed as she touched the screen and repeated his name. All too soon, his credit ran out. Quickly he pressed the button for more credit and private chat time.

“Honey? Are you ok? Baby girl! Please don’t cry!”

“John? How did you find me? Where are you?”

A knock on his door had him quickly silence the programme as he called out, “Yes?”

“Darling, you have a visitor,” he wife called through the closed door.

“Who is it?”

She didn’t reply, so he turned to the computer and said, “I have to go babe but now that I’ve found you, you are going to be all mine again.” With that he turned his PC off and quickly went to the door, opening it to reveal his wife, held at gun point.

“Hello John.”

The gun was suddenly pointed at him. What happened next was surreal and almost in slow motion. He felt, rather than heard, the gun shot and warmth flooded his chest as he crumpled to the floor. His wife screamed and soon she was lying by his side, their blood mingling on the floor.

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