Chapter 113

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He had not eaten or slept in over twenty-four hours and had been on the phone to every hospital and police centre, looking for her. Where could she have disappeared? It was unlike her to not even call. Frank was getting desperate. He wanted to leave but wanted to be home in case she needed him too. Cashing in on favours, he called all his influential acquaintances to chase her up as well.

There was no girl by the name of Sharline anywhere.

Did he know a Crystal?

Why would he know a hooker that had gotten herself raped and her client beaten up as well?

Sharline may be beaten and dead in some ditch and he was sitting on his fat arse waiting. He stood and grabbed a jumper of hers, along with some recent photos. The police would have to find her, he just had to file a missing persons report. As far as they are concerned, she is his fiance and he has every right to look for her. It was unofficial but true. Frank had hoped to surprise Sharline and take her on a well deserved holiday and propose.

So many things went wrong!!!

If only he could finish the matter which he had primarily returned for, then he would be free to laze about on remote beaches in the Bahamas with the love of his life.

At the police station, Frank handed over the photos and advised that Sharline was missing.

"Is this your daughter sir?" asked the policewoman innocently.

"My fiance," he growled in return.

"I'm very sorry sir. Let's fill out this form and assign someone to look after you."

Frank was desolate. He had to find her!

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