The Top 1000: Best Mystery / Thriller Stories

Trapped ✔️ by SallyMason1
Trapped ✔️by SallyMason1
They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brou...
  • crime
  • thriller
  • psychological
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DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The Complete Second Book by Adrian_Birch
DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The Adrian_Birch
The highly anticipated follow-up to the ⋕1 Wattpad hit DEAD IN BED is here. Bailey's and Ashley's sagas continue in this heart-wrenching finale to Adrian Birch's totally...
  • kidnap
  • romance
  • action
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Psycho Billionaire ✔️ by KittyKash92
Psycho Billionaire ✔️by KittyKash92
Highest Rank #1 (4/9/17) "Why do you want me to stay here?" I asked. "Because I think you are beautiful and I would like a woman like yourself by my side...
  • psycho
  • kidnapped
  • featured
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Demons From The Past by Reeyu97
Demons From The Pastby Reeyu97
"Go to hell!" She spat out. I could feel my lips curling into a smirk as I advanced towards her. "Oh I will, sweetheart, and I'll make sure I drag you dow...
  • friendship
  • romance
  • youngadultreads
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No One Will Know by beeyotch
No One Will Knowby beeyotch
No one will know... What I'll do... With you... No one will know... Ever.
  • mystery
  • thriller
The Online Profile of a Serial Killer (2016 Watty Award Winner) by IanTuason
The Online Profile of a Serial IanTuason
☆2016 Watty Award Winner☆ ☆A Wattpad Featured Story☆ ☆Ranked # 3 in Mystery/Thriller as of Feb 1/16☆ When someone says that a story is true, it always isn't. But in this...
  • serial
  • identity
  • criminal
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The Nerd & The Cheerleader by tangieee
The Nerd & The Cheerleaderby tangieee
Megan Tipton was your typical small town sweetheart. She was captain of the cheer team, and of course was with the hottest guy in school, and on the football team, Zacha...
  • cheer
  • secrets
  • kissinggirls
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ALL CONTACTS. by -dogsoft
ALL -dogsoft
a school horror story, only told through social media.
  • stcast
  • itcast
  • maddieziegler
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Queen of Thieves by Toxic_Wonderland
Queen of Thievesby Toxic_Wonderland
A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Rags to riches. Pauper to princess. Nobody suspects tha...
  • arrow
  • wattys2016
  • assassin
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfallby cluelessdaddy
His eyes, akin to the clearest skies Tahlia had ever gazed upon, stared into her keenly. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe me, huh?"...
  • insane
  • murdermystery
  • darkromance
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Graveyard, Backyard [Book 1 & 2] ✔️ by poetrythanki
Graveyard, Backyard [Book 1 & 2] ✔️by poetrythanki
[FEATURED by Wattpad] The story of a girl. A boy. A haunted house. And a cursed demon. Claire is your normal teenager who moves to a new town after her parent's divorce...
  • murder
  • notallareheroes
  • the2017awards
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It Takes Two by hepburnettes
It Takes Twoby hepburnettes
#2.5│Clover Tulden doesn't expect to wake up next to arch-enemy Jordan Carter one morning. It's a damn set-up, not a one-night stand, and sparks will fly when they work...
  • chicklit
  • relationship
  • football
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#AskAmy (Viral, #1)  ✓ by TahliePurvis
#AskAmy (Viral, #1) ✓by TahliePurvis
[A MULTIMEDIA THRILLER] #AskAmy is the site that all the girls at school are hooked to. Any and every question can be thrown Amy's way and an answer will be up...
  • online
  • suspense
  • secrets
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Flesh/Bone by Adrian_Birch
Flesh/Boneby Adrian_Birch
Two vanished. One came back.
  • teen
  • ya
  • youngadult
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Beast by Directionerrrx
Beastby Directionerrrx
He's dangerous He's intelligent He's ruthless He's sexy He's... a beast --- 'You must not go looking for him Annalise, he must never find you, yo...
  • girl
  • scary
  • death
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The Hacker by WhispersConfusions
The Hackerby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK FOURTEEN OF THE BO AUSTEN SERIES} With less than a year before Bo Austen-Taylor is set to take over for Jamal Pitman as the LAPD's Chief of Police, the forensic an...
  • jacobmason
  • mystery
  • ceciliadelacroix
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After Midnight by jenalee28
After Midnightby jenalee28
A con-artist witch joins forces with a royal detective to solve a series of murders plaguing their kingdom. When the clock strikes twelve, you die. Tessa Daniels has eno...
  • prince
  • action
  • witch
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Blackout | Ongoing by bateaux
Blackout | Ongoingby bateaux
There are some things you can't forget. Copyright © k.s. lynch 2016
  • nanowrimo
  • highschool
  • romance
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