Chapter 126

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James was caught in a conundrum. He hated Arianrhod, yet he had developed feelings for her despite himself and his resolve to keep her around only for entertainment before disposing of her. She had proven that she was not only wealthy and an equal in business but in the bedroom as well. As much as he wanted her out of his life, he missed not having her in it.

What to do?

It had been four days since he had last spoken to her or seen her. She had become very silent and that gave him a bad vibe. He knew that she had it in her to stab him in the back but he was banking on her silly female emotional ties to him to be his saving grace. Surely she wouldn't sell him out? Not with how much dirt he had on her!?

Mulling over the various options he had available to him at present while blindly staring at the paperwork on his desk, he was so absorbed that he almost didn't hear his phone ring.


It was her.

He tried to act casual and nonchalant as he answered the phone coolly, "Hey stranger."

"Hey sweet thing. Did you miss me?" she purred into the line, seducing him with the ease and experience of a woman, not some pubescent teenager.

Gulping in air, he replied, "More importantly, did you miss me?"

Two could play this game! Fifteen all.

"I wouldn't be calling you if I didn't. Come see me?"

Thirty - fifteen.

"Sure. Only, I have a previous engagement that I can't cancel, so it will have to be late."

Thirty all.

"You have the keys, let yourself in when you get here."

Forty - thirty.

With that, she hung up and he sat staring at the mountain of paperwork on his desk. He hated losing a match, especially one to her. James was not going to jump and go running like some dog on heat at her beck and call.

Let her wait. 

Forty all.

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